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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hot Lava Software Adds I.C.O. Europe as m-Learning Dealer in the Netherlands

Warrenton, VA and Zierikzee, Netherlands (August 13, 2007) -- Hot Lava Software, Inc. (“Hot Lava”), the leading mobile authoring and m-learning publishing provider, to deliver the industry’s premier solution for anytime, anywhere learning for today’s increasingly mobile society, has added I.C.O. Europe, a leading e-learning solutions provider for corporate, educational and government customers, to the Hot Lava Software dealer network. Under the terms of the agreement, I.C.O. Europe will represent Hot Lava’s industry recognized Learning Mobile Author (LMA) development and delivery suite and the Hot Lava Mobile Delivery and Tracking System (MDTS) in the country of the Netherlands, as well as several surrounding European countries.

“We chose Hot Lava Software’s Learning Mobile Author (LMA) and Mobile Device Tracking System (MDTS) toolkit because it is a user-friendly authoring tool that is top quality in design. The speed in which it allows us to generate content, and the way it allows us to easily upload content, is like a Dutch way of working together; the Hot Lava approach is very open and effective, listening to demands from user groups. It gives the right feel to work with Bob and his team,” states Drs. Albert de Vos, CEO, I.C.O. Europe. “Because of the fast technical development with mobile phones I was looking for a tool that was able to handle PDAs, mobile phones, html and SCORM. I was also looking for an innovative, effective solution for M-Learning. Hot Lava covers all of this.”

“Today’s market is all about convenience. With more and more people all around the world using mobile devices, we have to stay in sync with what is in demand. I.C.O. Europe is a consulting firm that specializes in E-Learning and Mobile Learning solutions for business and educational purposes, “ says Bob Sanregret, CEO, Hot Lava Software. “Sharing knowledge is I.C.O.’s core business. They have focused their visions of m-Learning on the customers, empowering them with the ability to have learning at hand, any time, anywhere. If you are truly mobile, you will not have to have a desktop or laptop sitting in front of you.”

“Because I work most of the time with other countries on international projects I was able to combine Dutch harvesting technology on educational content with U.K. repository technology. In this process of connecting VLE-independent repositories to all kinds of VLE's, the LMA and the MDTS fits perfectly in the process to transform from E-Learning to M-Learning; or as some call it, C-Learning (collaborative learning). It's all about sharing knowledge and sharing and developing educational content. The focus on our projects is to work with repository services. The repositories for educational content we use are based on international standards for sharing, storing and delivering content within communities,” says Drs. de Vos. “For this purpose we use metadata harvesting technology for searching and finding content also based on these international standards. M-Learning is a part of the range of blended learning products, so the repository service plays a crucial role the distribution and development within learning communities.” Adds Drs. de Vos. “We expect that because of the new technology on cell/mobile phones with the access to internet the way of learning is going to change. The repository is for the distribution and development within the communities for mobile content. The MDTS makes it possible to use this content in a flexible and effective way.”

“Mobile learning is not in the future. Mobile learning is now. Keeping up with today’s time-conscious society is very critical. You have to be careful or you will get left behind. So many people just don’t have time to just stop what they are doing and sit down for a learning session. But, if you put it at their fingertips the possibilities are virtually endless as to how far you can take learning on the go,” says Sanregret. “And there are so many different types of mobile devices out there today that anyone can effectively learn with out being confined to a desk. I.C.O. Europe realizes the need to be in the forefront of the mLearning market and they are taking this cutting edge technology to new heights in the European countries.”


Bob Sanregret, CEO, Hot Lava

+1 (703) 754-1218

Drs. Albert de Vos, CEO, I.C.O. Europe
00+3(111) 855-8900

Paula Bernard, Project and Support Manager, Hot Lava
+1 (479) 668-0238

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